Reviews Audi RS Q3 Gallery

Audi RS Q3 Review

While others view auto mobiles as a simple means of transport, others are very particular on what they’re signing up for. The need to know and understand what the car can do for you is allowed as only then can you truly know what you’ve signed up for. You need to be convinced of the […]

News iPad in Car

Internet Hotspots On 4 Wheels – A New Trend

GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky is expected today, 25th February 2013 to unveil the plan of bringing internet hotspot wireless connection to the entire line of General Motors cars in collaboration with AT&T internet provider starting from mid 2014, at the Mobile World Congress convention in Barcelona, Spain. The plan is to equip most 2015 […]

EU Auto Shows 83rd International Motor Show - Geneva 2013

2013 Geneva Motor Show

This year, during the first part of March it will take place the Geneva Motor Show 2013, starting from 7th of March up until 17th of March. Many exciting news and expectations are to be held, as many automaker companies will be participating in this years show as well. It does seem that the lights […]

Gallery Lamborghini Egoista Pictures Gallery

Lamborghini Egoista Photo Gallery

The Egoista model of Lamborghini is a concept car that was shown in the Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary in Sant’Agata Bolognese a province near Bologna, Italy. The design is inspired from the (as you can guess) military attack Apache helicopter and the inspiration has not been limited only to the exterior design. Egoista is equipped of […]

Videos Ferrari 458 Italia Crash with Lada

Ferrari 458 Italia crashes with Lada in Russia

You are most likely already familiar with the thousands of car accident videos that are happening in Russia, they are the weirdest ones ever seen and so is this one too. After the green light given to the Ferrari 458 Italia and the driver starts driving, right in the middle of the cross road a […]

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